NRF – Big Show 2017

Speaker Sessions

Retail innovators across the world will be gathering in New York City this January, for Retail’s BIG Show by the National Retail Federation, the industry’s most prestigious event.

Fieldworks, founders of Retail Connections, is delighted to be a part of organising the European speaker line-up for NRF 2017.

More than 33,000 of retail’s biggest power players attended in 2016, when Fieldworks secured sessions with globally-renowned brands including House of Fraser, Pret A Manger, Lacoste, and Tesco.

Europe is a hotbed for retail innovation, and we’re delighted to be showcasing some of the biggest trends and challenges at the 2017 event, featuring topics from emerging markets to building a globally consistent brand.

NRF’s Big Show takes place at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York City, on 15-18th January 2017. Find out more about NRF’s Big Show.

Keep up-to-date with all the Big Show preparations – plus exclusive insights during and after the show – through the Retail Connections website.



Going Global: Taking Your Brand to New Markets, Part 1

Sunday, January 15 from 10:45-11:30 in Hall D, Special Events Hall

So you’re moving towards maturity in your home market. What next? As every retailer embarking on the international journey knows, taking a successful domestic brand into new territories brings a raft of new challenges and decisions.

In this first part of our global growth guide, three retailers that have successfully transitioned from domestic to global brand – Hobbs, T2 Tea and Boticario Group – will share their personal do’s and don’ts from the international expansion process. From choosing where to grow, to understanding customer demographics and behaviors in new territories, this session will guide your own international expansion strategy.

Make sure you attend part 2 of Going Global on Tuesday, 17th January at 2:30pm, Hall E, 1E 07, for insights into Asia expansion.

Learn to:

  • Identify the right markets in which to grow internationally.
  • Recognize key consumer behaviors in overseas territories and how they impact your brand/product proposition.
  • Formulate a go-to-market strategy -- with lessons from retailers that have been through the process.

Speakers (s): Meg Lustman (CEO: Hobbs), Darren Williams (International Director: T2 Tea), , Artur Grynbaum (CEO of the Boticario Group)
Moderator: Alberto Serrentino (Founder: Varese Retail)


Recycling, Rebranded: A discussion on Shopper Demand for Retail Sustainability

Sunday, January 15 from 1:15-1:55 in Hall E, 1E 14

Brand ethics are a big deal for shoppers. They’re not just buying products, they are buying into a culture—and sustainability is a big part of their lifestyle.

Join our panel of 'zero waste warriors' including Under the Canopy founder Marci Zaroff, fashion designer Daniel Silverstein, and blogger Lauren Singer, for a discussion on ethical sourcing and production, waste management peaks, and strategies for doing business with the growing tribe of environmentally-conscious consumers.

Learn to:

  • Become an ambassador for more recycling in retail.
  • Address the consumer demand for greater sustainability.
  • Promote your ethical credentials as part of your brand identity.

Speakers (s): Lauren Singer (Founder: Trash is for Tossers & The Simply Co.), Daniel Silverstein (Creative Director and Founder: Daniel Silverstein), Marci Zaroff (Eco life style pioneer)
Moderator: Andrea Bell (Director of Insight, WGSN)


How Data will Replace Discounting: Lessons from Uber, Point 93 and Orchard Mile

Sunday, January 15 from 2:15-2:55 in Hall E, 1E 16

Gone are the days when retailers and brands spoke to the customer. Now, all conversations must be dynamic and interactive as shoppers want to feel known – and valued.

Join Uber, Point 93 and Orchard Mile for a panel discussion on the new climate of dynamic markets and communications. Drawing on their own experience, our experts will analyse the role of personalizing shopper experiences, optimizing revenue strategies, improving merchandising decisions and increasing loyalty.

They will also look at how this data-driven dialogue can end discounting, paving the way for a more relevant shopping experience.

Learn to:

  • End discounting by understanding your customers, what they want, how long they are willing to wait, and what they are willing to pay.
  • How to leverage shopper data to personalize content and increase conversions
  • The role of dynamic pricing in creating real-time, relevant, shopping experiences - that drive sales

Speakers (s): Samantha Zirkin, (Founder and CEO: Point 93), Jennie Baik, (Founder and CEO: Orchard Mile), Garrett van Ryzin, (Head of Marketplace Optimization Advanced Development)


Move Over, Globalization: Community Retail has Arrived

Sunday, January 15 from 2:15-2:55 in Hall A, 1A 10

First, there was e-commerce. Then, there was global domination. Now, there’s community retail. This third wave of globalization is challenging retailers to grow their international footprint at the same time as creating local customer relationships.

In this session, two leaders in the community retail movement will share their secrets for engaging shoppers through relevant local initiatives.

Premium fitness fashion brand, Sweaty Betty, will discuss how it is using live in-store fitness events to grow its brand DNA. Meanwhile, Hammerson PLC – owners of 21 shopping centres across Europe – will look at the growing ‘shoppertainment’ trend, and how it is blending retail, leisure and digital to add customer value.

Learn to:

  • Break out of the “one-size-fits-all” retail experience.
  • Strike a global/local balance while expanding internationally.
  • Build community retail offers that pay off for consumers and retailers.

Speakers (s): Erika Serow (President and U.S. CEO: Sweaty Betty), Sophie Ross (Head of Multichannel, Hammerson)
Moderator: Ian Jindal (Editor in Chief, Internet Retailing)


The Dawn of Smarter Search: Technology and Online Interaction

Monday, January 16 from 1:15-2:00 in Hall E, 1E 16

The 2017 consumer is tech savvy, yet at the same time careful about how and where they spend their money. In this session, learn about a smarter future for online search, in which revolutionary tech developments are taking the search burden off consumers and creating new engagement opportunities for retailers. Come and here from pioneers that are changing the way retailers interact with digital consumers; including ModiFace, the force behind market-leading, augmented reality campaigns for Coty, L’Oreal and Sephora.

Learn to:

  • Optimize online search opportunities for customer engagement and conversion.
  • Turn search from an activity that burdens the consumer to a retailer opportunity.
  • Identify the future of smart search in retail and how you can move with the pace of change.

Speaker: Parham Aarabi (Founder and CEO, Modiface)
Moderator: Brian Kilcourse (Managing Partner, RSR Research LLC)


The Global Challenge to Reinvent the Last Mile in Retail: Insights from Sainsbury's Argos

Monday, January 16 from 1:15-2:00 in Hall E, 1E 07

The rapid rise of multichannel customer journeys has resulted in the need to reinvent the last mile. Retailers around the world have taken very different routes to position themselves as last mile winners, delivering against customer needs while generating a return on investment.

Join OC&C Strategy’s Anita Balchandani and Sainsbury’s Argos’ Bertrand Bodson for an in-depth look at getting the multichannel experience of the last mile right. Balchandani will unveil a new OC&C report into global last mile evolution, including a cross-country analysis of last mile obstacles and solutions. Bodson will share his perspectives on how Sainsbury’s Argos is building its capabilities to deliver market-leading multichannel convenience.

Learn to:

  • Identify major last mile challenges across global retail market
  • Establish an effective last mile offering, whichever region you operate in
  • Explore futureproof last mile solutions – with practical examples from Sainsbury’s Argos

Confirmed Speakers (s): Anita Balchandani (Partner: OC&C strategy consultants), Bertrand Bodson (Chief Digital and Marketing Officer Argos/Sainsburys)


Deloitte Shines a Spotlight on Economics and The Global Consumer

Monday, January 16 from 2:30-3:00 in Hall E, 1E 07

The global economy in 2016 saw unprecedented turmoil with Brexit, Zika, political unrest, rising migration and terrorism. So how did this impact consumers? In this spotlight session, Deloitte’s Chief Global Economist Dr. Ira Kalish, will share insights from their 20th annual “Global Powers of Retailing” report. He will provide a global economic outlook, forecasting how trends - including globalization, deflation and commodity prices-will impact retail growth or disruption over the next year.

Learn to:

  • Understand how global economic factors affected consumer behavior over the last year.
  • Identify the macroeconomic trends that will be most impactful in 2017.
  • Interpret key drivers for volatility among the top global retailers.

Speaker: Ira Kalish (Chief Global Economist: Deloitte)


Storyselling: How the convergence of Content and Commerce builds customer experiences that sell

Monday, January 16 from 2:30-3:00 in Hall E, 1E 14

When done right, content marketing is an effective way to build authentic, loyal brand relationships that drive value for both the customer and the retailer. But how can retailers use stories to sell in a way that adds value to the consumer, without draining resources?

In this session, companies that are bringing content and commerce together in new and innovative ways will share their experience for getting the balance right. They will also explain how retailers can develop a unique brand of “storyselling” that capitalizes on the best of both worlds.

Learn to:

  • Identify and invest in content that will increase customer lifetime value.
  • Create stories that are authentic but with tangible commercial outcomes.
  • Blend the best aspects of content and commerce.

Speakers (s): Amanda Hesser (Co-founder and CEO: Food52), Troy Collins (CEO: Endource), Ilkka Alaroty (Senior Vice President: S-Group), Ryan Ross (EVP, Marketing and Digital Commerce: HSN)
Moderator: Chris Field (Director, Fieldworks Marketing)


How Target’s Technology Team is Leading the Way on Transformation

Monday, January 16 from 2:30-3:00 in Hall D, Special Events Hall (Feature Stage)

The profound ways that technology has changed our everyday lives means that big enterprises must also change their approach to technology. Target’s Chief Information and Digital Officer Mike McNamara will share how he’s driven transformative changes at Target since joining the retailer in 2015. Mike will explain why Target has moved away from a model of IT outsourcing, and is instead growing its own rank of engineers and digital experts. He’ll discuss how re-organizing into product teams – modeling the way tech startups work – and focusing on fewer, bigger initiatives is driving results. Learn how this focus coupled with a nimble engineering culture can allow retailers to build technology that better serves existing customers and helps create new ones.

Learn to:

  • Create and cultivate an engineering culture within a retailer.
  • Focus on fewer, bigger initiatives to drive results with the greatest impact for customers.
  • Bring everything together – people, process and technology – to better serve existing and future customers.

Speakers (s): Mike McNamara (Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer: Target)