A grocer’s guide to process management for supplier compliance

In the shadow of Covid-19, Celonis published a report into how the grocery industry can use data to improve their compliance to mandated codes of practice and work with suppliers to achieve common commercial and customer service objectives.

As the Groceries Supply Code of Practice (GSCOP) published its latest report under a new adjudicator, and as the UK Government launched a major overhaul of the audit regime, the pressure on grocers to build stronger relationships with suppliers and manage them efficiently has intensified.

This report shows how Celonis helps grocers to improve Code compliance and achieve a higher ranking by focusing on current supplier management processes that most often lead to fractures in supplier relationships as well as high costs.

Better GSCOP compliance and higher ranking starts with having insight into supplier management processes and root cause analysis that will identify gaps that can then be re-engineered/optimised and automated.

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