Bond with your customers the digital way

A long-held rule of thumb for retailers is that 80% of sales are typically derived from the top 20% of customers. This 80/20 appraisal demonstrates the value of a dedicated focus on top tier customers. And in the connected world of omnichannel retail, countless new opportunities to bond with your elite customers come into play thanks to the latest instore technology. Our new report, The art and science of the personalised sale, explores these benefits in greater depth.

Loyalty for the long-term 

To provide the very best service and retain those highly-valued customers, in-store sales assistants must be connected to the entire retailer ecosystem. Today’s consumers will ask: Can this person assist with payments and refunds, help with online orders and set up special shipping? Can they demonstrate products, explain which are the essential accessories? Do they have access to past preferences and previous order information? Is there scope to receive personalised discounts and loyalty points as part of the face-to-face shopper experience? The answer needs to be ‘yes’ to all these questions, if you’re serious about loyalty in the digital age of retail.

Impress your best customers 

Making sure your biggest fans stay loyal is a challenge worth rising to. This is because a 5% gain in sales from these faithful customers represents a much greater benefit than a 10% gain with all other customers combined. Simply put, it is often much easier to influence the loyal customer, than the customer who is not yet loyal to the brand.

The new art of digital clienteling can supercharge this relationship in the physical retail space, with the end goal of enhancing the relationship both at brand and individual associate level. With digital tools in the hands of bright and well-trained store sales assistants, your best customers enjoy all the benefits of friendly, personable help, combined with technology that will seamlessly blend the on and offline shopping journey. The personalised sale becomes easy and highly effective. 

Getting to know you

 While the typical sale is not to be ignored, a key benefit of a strategic clienteling initiative is the ability to influence the interaction with a select group of customers.

As well as providing convenience and superior service levels, clienteling offers a unique opportunity to gather insights about these top customers that would be difficult to gather from operational data alone. For instance, the preferences a store assistant may record can add another dimension to the enterprise profile that allows for further personalisation and a refinement of the brand experience.

To be sure sales assistants have access to the right information, wherever they are on the shop floor, it’s important to empower them with connected mobile devices. This way they can quickly acquire a complete view of both the customer’s needs and product options, intensifying their role as a hands-on solutions expert. 

Friendships forged add value

Selling more, or higher ticket items, to each customer is an important goal for most retailers. Increasing average transaction size (ATS) can be accomplished through meaningful outreach with personalised propositions, facilitated by connected tools in the hands of store assistants.

Personalised communications increase the odds of a customer buying and enhance the relationship over time. Communicating to customers about the very latest products, cross-sell opportunities, points-based thresholds, and upcoming events, the assistant can engage with loyal customers about something other than margin-eroding sales and promotions. This is far better for the bottom line.

One thing is clear – knowledgeable sales assistants with their hands on the right tools can open the door to a more captivating customer experience. As our new report demonstrates, they are able to build lasting relationships with the customers that matter most, grow sales across all channels, and keep that all-important sense of loyalty sustained for the future. 

To find out more about unified commerce and the benefits of digitally-connected sales assistants, download Cegid’s report today. 

By Samir Belkhayat, Cegid

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