Brand-owned post-purchase delivery updates key for trust and conversions, data from Scurri and IMRG reveals

Two-thirds (59%) of customers have more confidence in the reliability of post-purchase delivery updates sent directly from a retailer or brand than a delivery partner – highlighting the importance of owning real-time post-purchase information and communication to improve customer loyalty, according to the latest data.

Original research of 1,000 UK consumers in the Last Mile Delivery: What consumers want in 2023 and how retailers can take control report, conducted in partnership by Scurri, the next-generation delivery management platform, and IMRG, the UK’s Ecommerce Association, also reveals more than half (54%) of respondents want to receive personalised offers in tracking and shipping updates.  This, the report suggests, puts retailers into a prime position to encourage shoppers to ‘add to their basket’ for their next purchase and transform one-time buyers into repeat purchasers through personalised post-purchase communications.

“Post-purchase remains a relatively untapped, unknown stage of the buying journey, since such a large section of the customer experience which takes place past the checkout is managed by the third-party courier, delivery partner or 3PL, rather than the brand from which the shopper is buying. Yet this phase is when customers show highest engagement and, even if the experience to that point has been good, it can all be undone quickly. 50% of respondents said they would be likely or somewhat likely to leave a negative review if delivery is delayed or they receive an unsatisfactory response to a where is my order (WISMO) query” commented Andy Mulcahy, Strategy and Insights Director at IMRG.

Unsurprisingly during a cost-of-living crisis, discount codes were the most popular offer respondents wanted to receive in tracking update communications (61%) followed by free delivery on their next purchase (56%).  By utilising these targeted discounts and reducing the overall purchase cost, those shoppers who forgot to add or regretted not adding a product to their basket could be more inclined to place another order while this targeting can act as a conversion driver for customers whose order didn’t reach the minimum spend for free delivery.

“Considering that ‘add to basket’ rates have been to date one of the worst performing stages of the customer journey for many online retailers, post-purchase communication is a key tool to reverse this decline and improve conversion rates.  Capitalising on the post-purchase period allows retailers to boost brand loyalty through high-engagement communications where they can upsell products and offers, promote discounts or gifts, and encourage reviews to grow direct customer relationships and encourage repeat purchases,” commented Rory O’Connor, founder and CEO, Scurri.

Scurri Track Plus, enables retailers to take control of the post-purchase experience and turn it into a marketing opportunity by boosting loyalty with highly-customisable, own-branded tracking emails, which reduce “where is my order” (WISMO) queries and protect customer acquisition and retention.

For more key takeaways around how taking control of the last mile delivery experience will build greater trust, increase customer loyalty, and deliver increased revenue opportunities, download the full report: Last Mile Delivery What consumers want in 2023 and how retailers can take control.

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