Calvin Klein: 60 seconds on international expansion

Internationalisation is always a hot topic in retail, as knowing where the emerging opportunities are – and how to get to them before you competitors – is an ongoing discussion point for retailers.

Ahead of his appearance at, Retail’s Digital Summit, in Dallas, Texas, Calvin Klein’s Head of Ecommerce for Asia Pacific, Larry Luk, shares his insights into international expansion in an exclusive 60-second snapshot interview with Retail Connections.

Q: As a specialist in international retail, how does Calvin Klein approach new markets?

A: Calvin Klein needs to achieve a scalable and cost-effective operating model, we want to learn fast and adapted quickly to consumer needs.

Q: What do you feel that markets like India and Southeast Asia can offer retailers?

A: A large potential for the brand with an open minded demographic that quickly adapts to mobile and other devices as a touchpoint

Q: How can retailers ready their ecommerce strategy for expansion?

A: Set a clear digital objective and be nimble

Q: What do you see as the pitfalls and identify the strategic trade-offs of going global?

A: Disruption within the organisation, no longer the standard retail and wholesale operating model, digital disrupting standard practices

Q: Do you have any best practice advise for driving ROI?

A: Start small and focus on driving organic traffic

Q: Which markets should retailers who have no international presence, both in North America and Europe, consider first for ecommerce expansion?

A: Markets with low import duties with free trade benefits

Larry will be sharing further insights at, Retail’s Digital Summit in Dallas. If you’re coming to the show, make sure you attend his session – The Big Opportunity: Discussing Strategies for Entering Emerging Markets with Calvin Klein – to learn how to sequence your capabilities for global expansion, and proven strategies for launch in India and Southeast Asia.

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