Can technology partners help struggling retailers get back in the race?

So often in retail, not having the right infrastructure in place, and being limited by legacy technology, is what causes customers to walk away , simply because they can’t shop in ways they’d like to.

Claranet’s new report #ReimagineRetail looks at a fast-emerging ‘new breed’ of technology partners who are eager, willing and ready to help retailers future-proof their operations and services.

When it comes to operating stores, we repeatedly hear how vital it is to offer a seamless customer experience, slick payment and add-on services such as ordering from ‘endless aisle’ inventory, joined up CRM, and fulfilment options such as click-and-collect and ship-from-store.

Getting the basics right

But to do this well requires excellent in-store network connectivity, fully integrated systems, and totally reliable unified communications across the organisation. At the same time, systems and data storage must be fully security compliant and protected from cyberattacks, malware, and natural disasters.

Retail CIOs with sprawling legacy estates have a lot of thinking (and influencing) to do. Fixing old technology while addressing the need to deliver new digital capability is no easy balancing act and wholesale change can’t happen overnight. That means knowing where to start the journey of incremental, continuous improvement.

Time to turn to technology partners

Technology is now one of the defining factors for the industry, and many retailers – both new start-ups and well-established players – are well ahead in developing their future digital businesses. Technology partners with combined expertise in Cloud, Networks, UC, and Security can play an important role. Ultimately, retailers that can adapt to the changing behaviours of customers are the ones who will out-perform their competitors.

As outlined in its new report, Claranet’s view is that together the retail and retail tech sector can shape businesses that will delight customers, while keeping costs carefully managed, and building ongoing flexibility into the IT infrastructure.

See how retailers are working closely with pro-active technology partners to prepare their businesses for future growth and security.

Claranet’s #ReimagineRetail Report


Claranet ReimagineRetail Report

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