Debenhams taps Taggstar to improve conversions with social proof

Online marketplace, Debenhams, has partnered with social proof messaging leader, Taggstar, to drive improved conversions.

The boohoo-owned business wanted to reconnect with customers following its move online, and sought to increase conversion rates and sales on its website by maximising interaction with existing customers, while engaging and acquiring new shoppers.

Following a successful proof of concept pilot with Taggstar, Debenhams saw the positive impact of social proof messaging on its business, with conversions rising by 3.29% and Taggstar delivering an ROI of 36.4X.

Debenhams then deployed machine learning-supported social proof messaging across its product details pages (PDP) and basket pages.  It leveraged Taggstar’s solution that uses an algorithm, which selects social proof messages based on shoppers’ behaviours.

It then continuously tests all message combinations, ensuring the right messages or combination of messages – from ‘trending now’ notifications to outlining the number of items sold over a certain time period or the amount of other shoppers currently viewing the same item – are delivered at the right time in the customer journey to optimise conversions and sales.

With the addition of machine learning, a further 1.3% uplift in conversion rate was achieved, delivering a 23.5X ROI.

Dan Finley, CEO of Debenhams, commented:

“We saw the value of social proof messaging very quickly within Debenhams at proof-of-concept but were further impressed with the additional uplift we saw when we added machine learning to the mix and the powerful ROI both delivered.

Following the pilots, Debenhams will test further social proof messaging across its site, including ratings and reviews sharing, as well as extending the capabilities across its products listing pages.

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