Fashion retail genomics: True Fit aims to put science behind brands’ personalisation strategies

True Fit launches two new solutions aimed at giving the fashion retail industry the data required to power their often fragmented personalisation strategies.

Boston-based personalisation platform True Fit is aiming to help fashion retailers in the UK and Europe improve their online relevancy to consumers, thanks to its robust data which offers significant insights into the behaviour of millions of shoppers and specific details around thousands of brands.

True Fit’s central ‘Fashion Genome’, which it describes as the largest connected data set for apparel and footwear, contains data from millions of fashion consumers and styles across circa 17,000 brands globally – and the company has released two new tools to the fashion retail market fuelled by this comprehensive resource.

The business, which already works with the likes of Levi’s, Macy’s and Ralph Lauren in the US, is rapidly adding names to its list of partners in Europe, and it promises its technology will help retailers sell products to customers that they will love and want to keep. Not just a solution to help retailers cut down on the volume of product returns they receive, True Fit also says its in-depth data collective can be used by businesses to shape product merchandising and manufacturing processes – and to understand where their shoppers also regularly buy fashion items.

And as if the “Fashion Genome” reference isn’t enough science for a retail industry increasingly seeking more analytical ways to win customers’ hearts and minds, True Fit also operates with a large-scale data science team working behind the scenes, where data is enriched to help partners make sense of it all.

What are the new True Fit products?

True Fit says its new solutions, now starting to be implemented by some well-known fashion retail operators in the UK, offer retailers “ultimate visibility into shopper and style data” (True Insight) and “rich consumer data and intelligence” (True 360).

Both new products help fashion retailers and brands get more information about products and consumers in the form of individual reports and aggregated dashboards. The tools can be used by different departments within a retail organisation – from merchandising, to marketing, right through to product design – highlighting their potential impact across a retailers’ operations.

Fundamentally, True Insight allows retailers to better understand their target audience, consumer purchasing patterns, the styles that are most commonly returned, and how products fit compared to industry standards. True 360, meanwhile, puts detailed data at the fingertips of retailers that can be applied to build personalisation strategies, enhance homegrown recommendation models and analytics, or improve other third-party software services that make up their technology stack.

Powered by True Fit’s Discovery Engine and Confidence Engine, True 360 gives retailers an opportunity to see shopper profile data and associated intelligence, including height, weight, age, body type, favourite brands and sizes, high affinity brands and personalised style, fit, and size recommendations by category. However, no personally identifiable information is shared.

Due to its open API infrastructure, Genome and its related solutions can be used neatly in combination with other personalisation products in a fashion retailer’s artillery. With so many retailers having made investments in personalisation technology already, it is here where True Fit thinks it can make a real difference – in making existing solutions and investments work better.

What they said

Romney Evans, co-founder of True Fit, commented: “We created True Insight and True 360 in partnership with our network of retail and brand partners as part of our continued mission to help retailers personalise every touchpoint in the customer journey.

“That means taking the power of the Genome outside the walls of our software and opening up the data and intelligence to help the companies that serve our retail network. We’re committed to providing access to better data and more intelligence to make every customer interaction truly personal and relevant.”

Sean Condon, senior director, global digital commerce at ASICS, remarked: “True Insight helps us visualise the powerful data in our platform so that we can make smarter product design and customer marketing decisions.”

TJ Papp, vice president, digital & e-commerce at Kenneth Cole Productions, added: “We’ve already seen the power of the True Personalisation Platform when our customers engage with True Fit’s recommendations on our site.

“Now we’re excited to expand that benefit to every customer interaction and experience by using True 360 data directly in CRM, and have it available to our other partners and software providers to make every interaction with Kenneth Cole products more personal, more relevant.”

True Fit’s manoeuvres in the UK and Europe this year come after it announced a new $55 million Series C investment in January, led by Georgian Partners but with participation from existing investors Jump Capital, Signal Peak Ventures, Intel Capital, and new investor Cross Creek Capital.

Funding is being pumped into True Fit’s data platform, and its related solutions, hence the array of product announcements. The company is also expanding its offerings to include more robust open APIs, new artificial intelligence-driven integrations, and capabilities such as personal outfitting and chatbot virtual stylists.

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