Fem-tech brand, Elvie, builds DTC performance, optimising and growing its owned channels with Wunderkind

Innovative fem-tech brand, Elvie, has partnered with Wunderkind, the leading performance marketing solution that scales one-to-one messages for retailers, to drive revenue and customer loyalty, while growing its first-party database.

Founded in the UK in 2013, Elvie has been at the forefront of revolutionising the fem-tech sector.  With women at the centre of Elvie’s mission, the company has, for the past 10 years, been developing cutting-edge tech – and breaking societal taboos – in order to level up women’s lives, with two core products for breastfeeding and pelvic floor training.

As it looks to grow its Direct To Consumer (DTC) channel, Elvie wanted to adjust its marketing strategy to reduce reliance on increasingly competitive paid media channels, noting that these were delivering diminishing returns, both in terms of ROI and authentic and effective engagement.  Instead, it wanted to focus on developing its owned channels and capturing more first-party data to grow its customer community.  “From a brand perspective, we needed to be less reliant on paid performance marketing and instead build a community in our owned channels,” said Roselle Forman, Elvie’s Global Brand Manager.

To help scale and accelerate its owned channel efforts, Elvie sought a solution provider that could seamlessly integrate with its existing tech stack, opting to partner with Wunderkind.

Using Wunderkind’s unique identity resolution technology, Elvie was able to recognise a greater proportion of its ‘invisible’ non-logged in website traffic – enabling it to spot new prospects and secure its marketing opt-in, thereby significantly growing its addressable, first-party database.  It also helped Elvie identify existing and returning customers; allowing the fem-tech brand to retarget those customers with 1:1, personalised and behaviourally triggered emails at a much greater level of scale.

By partnering with Wunderkind, Elvie quickly grew its addressable marketing list, achieving a +23% better list growth performance than the initial goal set at launch.  In turn, this helped the fem-tech brand increase conversions and digital revenues – it saw a 10-fold increase in 1:1 email performance, resulting in an 8.35x return on ad spend (ROAS), with Wunderkind now ranking as Elvie’s #3 performance marketing channel in Google Analytics.

“Knowing what ongoing engagement can do for your brand, the focus on first-party data is key,” Victoria Harvey, Senior Global CRM Manager at Elvie, commented. “From day one, Wunderkind took complete control and did all the heavy lifting.  Even in our first month, we saw results far higher than expected.  We’re expecting roughly 71% more leads using Wunderkind for list growth and we’re over halfway to hitting that number after five months.  In terms of revenue, we’re already outperforming the initial estimate.”

Rosie Kraushaar, Client Partnerships Manager at Wunderkind, commented: “Elvie is such an exciting business to work with, they’re creating truly impactful products for women using the latest bio-feedback and connected mobile technology.  We’re delighted to have been part of their growth journey so far – and look forward to helping Elvie scale further as they build their DTC channels, their owned audience, and their brand.”

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