Greece’s largest online marketplace, Skroutz, partners with MoEngage

Skroutz, the largest ecommerce marketplace in Greece, is eyeing further European expansion.  Following its rapid growth, it has partnered with MoEngage, the leading insights-led customer engagement platform, growing customer conversions by +350% since implementation.

Founded 18 years ago in Athens, Skroutz, the ecommerce giant often referred to as the ‘Greek Amazon’, now offers customers access to over 30 million products on its online marketplace and employs over 500 staff.  Following its success in its homeland of Greece, Skroutz has already started selling goods to 27 countries in Europe, including Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Austria, as it eyes further expansion and growth within the EMEA region and outside of the eurozone to countries including Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Sweden.  Skroutz saw over 2 million unique consumers to make purchases from its marketplace in 2023, a projected 25% increase in sales year-on-year.

To support its growth plans, Skroutz recognised the need to optimise its customer engagement, improving both the effectiveness of its campaigns as well as helping the CRM team operate more efficiently.  It sought a customer engagement platform that would be easy to use and integrate with its existing systems, as well as affording it the long-term flexibility needed within the solution to scale as its business grew.

Prior to MoEngage, Skroutz used multiple platforms to build, execute and monitor engagement campaigns.  From onboarding to retention, customer journey marketing depended heavily on design, Business Intelligence (BI) and engineering teams.  The culmination of extensive manual tasks carried out on multiple systems and a lack of real-time customer data were hampering Skoutz’s customer engagement.

Skroutz partnered with MoEngage, leveraging the insights-led automation within its customer engagement platform to set up automated flows within customer journeys.  This allowed Skroutz to increase the volume of campaigns run through the platform by over 300% and reduce the dependency on the BI team to provide campaign analysis, thanks to in-built analytics dashboards on the platform.

“It helped us in our daily routine and saved us a lot of time, which eventually allowed us to increase the number of daily and weekly campaigns,” Andreas Dikaros, CRM Manager at Skroutz, explained.  “In the analytics part, we can deep dive even more without the help of the BI team, which helps us pull analysis on specific events, not just in terms of purchases, but also other app-related events.”

These automated flows also allowed the marketplace to create multichannel campaigns that deliver personalised interactions at any stage of the customer lifecycle, including welcome journeys to lapsed customer engagement and churn prevention.  Since implementing MoEngage, Skroutz has seen a 350% increase in conversions amongst existing customers.

“We are committed to providing our customers with a one-stop app, a companion that helps you draw inspiration and stay productive when shopping online,” George Chatzigeorgiou, CEO of Skroutz, explained in a recent interview.  “Our goal is to make the online shopping experience more efficient and enjoyable, by offering features that help customers find what they need quickly and easily.  To achieve this goal we have already created a strong fulfilment and service foundation.”

Jason Smith, VP at MoEngage, commented: “The sheer breadth and scale of Skroutz’ offer, which encompasses a vast amount of choice to shoppers across 30 million products from 8,000 merchants, means it needed to leverage automation to help it scale.  But, being customer-centric, it needed intelligent automation that could serve personalisation based on customer insight and real-time behavioural data to scale at the required pace.  With rapid expansion plans, we’ve been excited to be a part of Skroutz’ journey so far and look forward to helping them on their next growth loop.”

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