How can the personal touch in luxury retail be delivered on a global scale?

London Fashion Week this September (13th to 17th) will be celebrating industry best practice and encouraging fashion decision-makers to create positive change.

Sustainability is high on the agenda, and as ever leading brands will showcase their creativity and innovation, inspiring fashion fans around the world.

Celebrating global but local in fashion

Fashion brands are increasingly aware that they must be recognised globally, while also connecting meaningfully with their loyal customers locally. And they are turning to technology to make this possible.

Unified commerce technology experts at Cegid have produced a report examining the challenges currently faced by leading luxury brands, and setting out ways to bridge the service gaps by having a strong omnichannel foundation.

Global fashion and luxury brand shoppers seek out their favourite names no matter where in the world they happen to be.

Therefore luxury retailers must be able to recognise these customers and create an on-brand experience for them at every touch point. If a brand cannot reconcile all data points to one human being, how does it deliver a personalised experience and loyalty?

It comes down to technology. The vogue today is for retailers to have software systems in place that provide the visibility that underpins unified commerce. Nick Owens, IT Director at Orlebar Brown, the designer swimwear brand recognises this, saying: “Our customers are truly global travellers, so we want to make sure the shopping journey is as seamless as possible, delivering consistent customer experience.”

Tailored service at store level

Human interaction in store provides a unique opportunity for brand loyalty to be sealed. By leveraging technology sales assistants are given the time, space and tools to nurture each customer relationship at the individual level. The right solution can offer a different selling experience based on each shopper’s information.

With unified commerce IT capabilities, a wealth of customer insight — including product preferences, past purchase history and personal data — can be made available across the network. Fashion and luxury consumers’ wishes can be anticipated and fulfilled.

Ongoing relationships matter when it comes to fashion brands. With a fully-functioning unified commerce strategy, each time new information is entered, it can be immediately uploaded to the cloud, where it’s ready for the shopper’s next visit.

Customer data can be added this way across every channel and touchpoint. The end result is a connection that is maintained across every touch point to enhance the customer experience.

Cegid’s recent eBook, In the Luxury Universe: Focus on Global Proximity, Service and Selling Ceremony, explores exactly this. It examines how customer touchpoints can be managed to drive loyalty across channels and how optimising this needs to become a key business priority in luxury retailing.

To find out how to drive global brand loyalty with a strong omnichannel foundation, download Cegid’s new eBook:

In the Luxury Universe: Focus on Global Proximity, Service and Selling Ceremony


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