A look inside Lulu Guinness’ tech tool kit

Luxury accessories brand, Lulu Guinness, has improved dwell times and conversion rates with a new ecommerce platform and website after the brand identified its digital proposition as a key growth driver.

Founded in 1989, the brand’s sophisticated silhouettes, humorous embellishments and adventurous accessories have become cult favourites around the world.  The brands central motif, the distinctive Dali-esque lips clutch, has transported Surrealist art into mainstream popular culture. With multiple stores, including a main store at St Christopher’s Place near Bond Street, London, online is becoming increasingly important to Lulu Guinness with more than a third of business turnover coming from digital channels.

However, the legacy site did not have the functionality necessary to allow the brand to achieve their full sales and branding potential within the UK and abroad. In 2018 Lulu Guinness partnered with Astound Commerce who replatformed the business to Salesforce Commerce Cloud and redesigned the site, immersing customers into the world of Lulu Guinness while providing an informative, simple and streamlined purchasing process. The overhaul has seen online conversion rates increase by +4% YOY.

A key reason for moving to a Salesforce Commerce Cloud was to bring more content onto the website to facilitate the customer journey for people who are new to the site and continue to increase dwell time and engagement.

With an increasing proportion of traffic to the site coming directly from social media, and more of these visits converting into sales, social has been given a prominent role onsite with a page dedicated to social media content including user generated content (UGC) to showcase how customers can wear or style a product, through the #HowDoYouLulu hashtag, and linked Instagram shop.

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