M-Commerce: make it or break it in 2017

Almost half of UK eCommerce transactions now happen on mobile devices. That’s a lot of customers to lose if your mobile retail experience sees them all clicking off your site in frustration.

And click off they will: a recent report by Worldwide Business Research (WBR) found that if web content isn’t optimised to customers’ devices, 79% of them will simply go somewhere else.

But optimising content is just the start: M-Commerce is transforming, and the effect on retail is profound.

Getting M-Commerce right: the challenges

The shopping journey has never been so complex or so critical. How can you know what it takes to give your customers a stand-out user experience? In December 2015, UK retailers paid the price for falling short: they lost £1.5 billion due to bad M-Commerce experiences.

When it comes to optimising the mobile shopping experience, user experience is the number one challenge. The importance of a water-tight UX will continue to grow exponentially.

There are several components to a good mobile experience, one of which is the checkout. Mobile payments must be seamless and simple. One in five smartphone users are expected to be using mobile payments by the end of the year, and therefore ease of navigation is key.

At the same time as making the existing experience better, consumers are continually raising the bar. For example, WBR’s report found that over half of mobile shoppers say it’s important to receive personal offers to their device.

Mobile Innovators: come together

If any of these challenges sound familiar, you may benefit from attending the only event on the continent dedicated to mobile shopping alone: Mobile Shopping 2017.

Europe’s most progressive retailers are converging in London to dig deep into the strategies, tactics and technologies that changed the face of M-Commerce last year – and look ahead to how the landscape will shift this year.

Among the topics that will be discussed are:

  • What’s the best mobile payment option for your UX?
  • How can you make mobile work better as part of your omnichannel approach?
  • How can you secure stakeholder buy-in for your mobile projects?
  • How can you best measure the value your mobile offering brings to all your channels?
  • How can you seamlessly blend your online and offline customer experience?
  • How can you smash the siloes between mobile and your other approaches?
  • How can you best capture customer data to track online behaviour, solve shopping problems and make your mobile shopping experience the best it can be?

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