MoEngage launches new WhatsApp integration with Meta

Leading insights-led customer engagement platform, MoEngage, has announced the launch of a new WhatsApp Business Integration that will allow brands and retailers to gather insights and run personalised WhatsApp campaigns for different customer segments to boost engagement, improve customer retention, and drive revenue.

The new WhatsApp integration comes at a time when shoppers’ demand for mobile-first engagement is rising, with mobile having overtaken email as European shoppers’ preferred choice of communication from brands during the course of the pandemic.  Original research of 1,000 shoppers in MoEngage’s latest report (LINK) showed that pre-pandemic, a third (32%) of consumers ranked email as their preferred way to communicate with retailers and brands.  As the pandemic has eased, 20% now cite email communications as their preferred engagement method, compared to 22% who said mobile was their top choice, rising +9 percentage points higher than compared to pre-covid levels.

This move to mobile and Smartphone shopping makes it even more crucial for brands and retailers to expand their customer engagement strategies to include mobile-first channels, such as WhatsApp.

With its WhatsApp integration, MoEngage powers its insights-led engagement platform to allow brands and retailers to learn what their customers are searching for on their mobile apps or online, and then use AI to predict what next steps their customers are going to take.  Through these insights, brands and retailers can automatically send contextually relevant recommendations, alerts, and reminders on multiple communication channels, delivering personalisation at scale, to improve engagement and drive revenue.

Raviteja Dodda, CEO and co-founder of MoEngage, commented: “By teaming up with Meta, we aim to bridge the gap between businesses and their customers by allowing them to leverage insights about their customers, their journeys, and the long-term impact of WhatsApp campaigns on key business metrics like customer lifetime value, revenue, retention, and product stickiness.”

Jason Smith, VP at MoEngage, added: “The adoption of mobile in shoppers’ buying journeys has accelerated, and that means retailers and brands need to be communicating and engaging shoppers on the channels where they buy and browse.  But it’s not enough to simply be where your customers are – retailers need to be able to leverage the behavioural insights to deliver the right message to the right shopper at the right time in their buying journey in order to shift the dial on engagement, revenue and loyalty.”

The WhatsApp partnership is the latest integration from MoEngage, which also recently announced a collaboration with Microsoft, which leverages its customer insights capabilities to automate and scale personalisation through the Microsoft 365 platform, integrating customer data platform (CDP) information with behavioural insights to boost engagement, conversions and customer lifetime value (CLV).

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