Urban fashion brand rag & bone on its latest personalisation strategy

Luxury urban clothing brand, rag & bone, has boosted onsite identification to improve targeting and drive revenues with a solution from BounceX (soon to be Wunderkind), the leading behavioural marketing technology provider.

Founded in 2002, the New York-based luxury fashion brand quickly became synonymous with British heritage style that combines directional, modern design. Now, its bricks-and-mortar estate has expanded to 42 stores internationally, including three London-based outlets.

rag & bone is also stocked across several UK luxury retailers, including Selfridges and Harrods, and while it had traditionally focused on wholesale, the rise of direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands in the market saw the fashion brand seek new ways to connect with shoppers.

As it progressed its D2C offer, the high cost of acquisition among luxury shoppers led rag & bone to turn to remarketing strategies, such as abandonment emails, as a cost effective way to convert customers.

However, with just an 8% identification rate across its onsite traffic, the performance potential of this channel was limited. Working with tech provider, BounceX, rag & bone sought to better identify, understand, and directly remarket to its onsite shoppers.

“Identification means we can remarket to shoppers in a relevant, personal, and timely way.  Our volume of connections with our shoppers has gone way up because of the identification efforts on our online business.”

Aaron Detrick, VP of Digital at rag & bone,

Now, the luxury fashion brand is able to identify over 40% of its site traffic and send personalised triggered emails that help push shoppers down the conversion funnel.

“BounceX helps us identify shoppers at a much higher rate and remarket to them with a higher volume of relevant digital touchpoints — drastically accelerating our digital and direct-to-consumer growth.  It helps us bring consumers back to site to complete their marketing journey with thoughtful experiences based on key actions the consumers have taken that show intent on the website.”

Aaron Detrick, VP of Digital at rag & bone

“Whilst the cost of customer acquisition is rising for all retailers, it is most keenly felt amongst luxury businesses, who often face conversion rates that come at the highest price-point.

By identifying customers onsite and then tailoring the right message to the right customer at the right time, based on that individual’s buying intent, rag & bone were able to enhance online experiences and boost conversions without having to reacquire that same shopper.”

Jacq Abernathy, AVP of Customer Success at BounceX

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