Why data-hungry fashion retailers are leading the pack

Retailers want to give apparel shoppers everything — style, quality, convenience, in-store experiences, cross-channel continuity, newness, and great prices.

To harmonise across multiple channels, leading fashion players are offering innovative business models, and making use of granular customer insights as a source of differentiation.

Trim off uncertainty

In the competitive global apparel market — currently valued at US$1.39 trillion  and forecast to generate approximately US$1.65 trillion by 2020 — traffic data analytics can take the guesswork out of apparel store strategy, as the market evolves. Whether in the hands of a high street value clothing chain or the luxury brand flagships of New York, Paris, and Hong Kong, traffic data will help retailers create the ideal conditions for converting browsers into buyers, and confirm whether or not stores are delivering ‘shopping heaven’.

Customer behaviour sets the scene

With traffic insights they push the limits of the performance of physical stores. Central to this is being able to monitor the traffic and conversion impact of innovations. By building a clearer picture of customer behaviour – how shoppers use stores, and when and where they are most likely to convert – it’s possible to tailor stores and services to exactly fit customer needs and expectations.

Apparel Report ShopperTrak How this can be done specifically in the apparel sector, is explored in ShopperTrak’s new ebook, Apparel retailers and traffic data. 

Free to download, the report explores how, behind the glitz and glamour of fashion, strategic and operational decisions based on historic traffic data and real-time insights, are already giving many apparel groups the edge.

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