Yapster’s Rob Liddiard talks ‘digital leadership’ in hospitality

Rob Liddiard, Co-founder and CEO of Yapster knows a thing or two about the importance of engaging your customer-facing workforce in the hospitality sector. His session at Restaurant & Bar Tech Live on Tuesday 19th November was entitled: Making reality meet expectations: how digital leadership can help marketing campaigns reach the frontline.

Liddiard explored how, in hospitality, every customer interaction is a reflection of your brand. Naturally as informed, engaged colleagues, are your best ambassadors, it makes sense to encourage them and support them in as many ways as possible.

Communicating with deskless colleagues

In this vein, Liddiard discussed the role of ‘digital leadership’ and ‘social leadership’ – and the power of using app technology to communicate at scale to supercharge the customer experience. It’s possible to engage, grow and optimise the brand by keeping in touch with colleagues in retail and hospitality who do not have easy access to email, phone and PCs in their daily work, he says.

Rod Liddiard Yapster

Brand marketing can’t be centrally controlled all the time, particularly interactions taking place day to day on the frontline in cafes, bars, restaurants and stores. “But the actions of these teams will ultimately reflect the brand,” said Liddiard (pictured left). “The cool thing is that amazing things can happen where there is empowerment to delight the customers.”

Cultivating customer delight

He referenced Joshie the Giraffe – a widely-shared customer care story which has earned Ritz-Carlton Hotels kudos in brand marketing circles. Liddiard’s view is that these kinds of moments where staff take a situation and run with it – reflect a brand and should be communicated more widely. If customer-facing colleagues feel connected to the brand and empowered to behave in ways that will delight customers, great things can happen!

Reinforcing brand perception

Yapster helps the likes of Ann Summers, Brewdog, Caffè Nero and Wagamama reinforce brand perception at the front line via its smartphone app. Yapster’s instant messaging and social sharing platform is now being used for business improvement by delivering even more effective sales and marketing campaigns. “Improved employee engagement supported by the right tools leads to increased customer satisfaction and ultimately increased profit.”

“It pays to talk”, says Liddiard. Apps like Yapster certainly provide a simple way to connect essential people so that the brand story can be told, and told well.

About Yapster

Yapster’s aim is to build the ‘mobile inbox’ for the world’s two billion deskless workers who don’t access company IT systems on a computer.

Founded in 2015 with a focus on customer-facing industries, Yapster’s instant messaging and social sharing platform is now being used to deliver business improvement at the frontline for brands including Ann Summers, Brewdog, Caffè Nero, Safestore and Wagamama.

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