Axonify: The State of Frontline Employee Training 2020

A lack of training has left frontline retail associates underprepared to perform during the pandemic, research from the latest report from Axonify, the modern training and communication solution for frontline associates, has revealed.

Original research of over 2,000 frontline workers in its ‘The State of Frontline Employee Training 2020’ report showed that while 87% of UK retail store associates have confidence in their own ability to do their job effectively, over a third (35%) said they felt underprepared to perform their role in the current environment – rising to 40% among grocery staff and supermarket workers – and nearly a fifth (19%) said they hadn’t received the proper training on the changes impacting their job during the pandemic.

This report explores retail employees training needs, in light of the pandemic, and provides retail businesses with actionable take-aways on building, engaging and maintaining a resilient frontline workforce that’s ready to take on any challenge.

“The frontline workforce has felt the full force of the impact of the global pandemic, and it’s shown that training and support is needed now more than ever, if we’re to unite and tackle the challenges we face.  But any training provided needs to be carefully considered – the requirements of the retail workforce have evolved, and retail businesses must adapt to ensure their cultures continue to empower their most valuable asset – their frontline staff.”

“Now is the time for retail businesses to nurture and support the frontline and ensure they have the skills to do their best work.  By making sure every frontline employee recognises the role they play in supporting the business and the customers and communities it serves, the greater the chance of survival.”

Carol Leaman, CEO and Co-Founder of Axonify

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