Dedagroup Stealth – Putting a value on sustainability

The fashion industry has been rocked by the unprecedented events of 2020 that have left brands having to deal with unpredictability and complexity.
Sustainability, which only months ago was a top focus for consumers and seemed to be a major strategic objective for brands, is suddenly way down the list of priorities.
But can we really draw that conclusion?

It seems better to take this time to re-evaluate and move the industry to a place where it can embrace new opportunities that are emerging, act positively and even accelerate the changes that were already in play.

The reality is that, whatever investment brands are planning to make in sustainability today, now they are having to rethink fundamental elements such as, where do I manufacture my products; in short, sustainability is now a matter of good corporate governance.

The latest report from Dedagroup Stealth showcases the changing face of fashion and the sustainability movement.

It highlights how technology can supporting fashion brands in creating new production and distribution processes, to create a more sustainable future and develop a shared value.

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