Findologic: The cost of staying hidden

In a world of endless product choice, multiple channels and many suppliers, how do customers find what they are looking for? We have all got used to search being difficult because we assume that is just the way it is.

Right now, it is surprisingly difficult and often very random. Retailers simply cannot afford to be making it so hard for potential customers, given that they have so much choice elsewhere.

Unfortunately, search techniques and technology have not kept pace with developments in ecommerce, which means that the consumer is finding it harder than ever to find what they are looking for as the web explodes with new brands, products and channels. And it will only get harder and harder for them to find what they want as more products, content and merchants jump
onto the Internet.

This report from Findologic, the leading search and navigation platform, explores how retailers and brands can sell more by enabling their customers to find what they want online.

Download the full report here to discover :

  • Why your current search function is not bringing customers to your checkout
  • What it’s really like for customers searching
  • The full impact on your business of bad search
  • How virtual shopping assistants work

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