Findologic: The cost of staying hidden

In a world of endless product choice, multiple channels and many suppliers, how do customers find what they are looking for? We have all got used to search being difficult because we assume that is just the way it is.

Right now, it is surprisingly difficult and often very random. Retailers simply cannot afford to be making it so hard for potential customers, given that they have so much choice elsewhere.

Unfortunately, search techniques and technology have not kept pace with developments in ecommerce, which means that the consumer is finding it harder than ever to find what they are looking for as the web explodes with new brands, products and channels. And it will only get harder and harder for them to find what they want as more products, content and merchants jump
onto the Internet.

This report from Findologic, the leading search and navigation platform, explores how retailers and brands can sell more by enabling their customers to find what they want online.

Download the full report here to discover :

  • Why your current search function is not bringing customers to your checkout
  • What it’s really like for customers searching
  • The full impact on your business of bad search
  • How virtual shopping assistants work

RetailEXPO: How retail’s continued transformation will look in 2020 and beyond

RETAIL TRENDS: How retail’s continued transformation will look in 2020 and beyond

2020 promises to be the year when change and restructure become the new normal for the retail industry and the false dichotomy between online of offline is finally put to bed.

RetailEXPO’s latest research lifts the lid on an industry undergoing seismic change. It reveals what customers really want by tracking consumer demand and sentiment, while offering retailers actionable insights, showing how technology can help satisfy customer expectations.

Find out how leading retailers will continue to transform in 2020. Download our report and discover the challenges and opportunities retailers can’t afford to miss — both online and in-store.

Download your free copy of our report here

Manhattan Associates: Selling the store

What exactly are UK consumers’ expectations when they walk into a store… and to what extent are retailers successfully satisfying their demands?


What exactly are UK consumers’ expectations when they walk into a store… and to what extent are retailers successfully satisfying their demands?

This report uses exclusive research of 2,000 UK shoppers to give retailers an holistic view of what consumers really want and how effectively retailers’ current propositions are satisfying that demand. It has a particular focus on the role of the store associate, the need for seamless omnichannel experiences and the use of technology.

Consumers and retailers in key European markets were also interviewed to benchmark the expectations of their UK contemporaries.

Download it here+ 

ShopperTrak – Luxury Retail and Traffic Data Report


“Luxury stores are focusing on giving insider access to the brand and unique experiences that are impossible to replicate online,” says Kevin Larke, Director of Sales, ShopperTrak, commenting in  Luxury Retail and Traffic Data.

The report outlines the key trends currently driving the luxury retail renaissance, and details how people counting and traffic data analytics can help these brands understand shopper behaviour better, and make the most of their store portfolios and omnichannel strategies.

Find out more in Fieldworks’ report commissioned for ShopperTrak 

UiPath – RPA the next step in retail automation.

UiPath – RPA the next step in retail automation.

Discover how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can quickly and effectively integrate legacy systems and drive digital transformation for retailers. While artificial intelligence is a disruptive technology often needing root and branch transformation of systems RPA can automate critical tasks, bringing a wide range of benefits, by working with the retailers existing technology infrastructure.


Find out more in Fieldwork’s report commissioned for UiPath.  

Tribe – Preparing for perma-peak

Tribe – Preparing for perma-peak

The traditional ebb and flow of the retail calendar has changed beyond recognition thanks to the Amazon-isation of retail.

Discover the new factors that trigger trading spikes and how you can best optimise your ecommerce platform to ensure you remain operational, no matter what happens.

Read the report from Tribe to find out more here+ 

Attraqt: Luxury retail’s digital dilemma

Attraqt – Luxury retail’s digital dilemma

As the buying power of Millennials and Gen X grows, luxury brands need to forge a new digital relationship with these key demographics. Our research for Attraqt shows that these consumers no longer consider digital channels simply as source of inspiration, they also want real-time help and advice before they convert to a sale.

Read our report for more details here

iAdvize: B2B let’s talk

iAdvize – B2B let’s talk


Conversational commerce provides omnichannel retailers with a great way to harness the expertise of their in-store sales experts and inject powerful human interactions into the online customer journey.

Read the report here, commissioned by iAdvize, to discover how retailers can unlock this human capital and use it profitably online.

Infor: Retail Masterbuilders

Building a retail business for modern markets will depend on understanding what it can’t do now

Planning and execution is difficult because the challenges are many and various, and the priority with which they need to be addressed changes with the market.

This report from Infor explores how the perfect omnichannel retail business might look if it were built from scratch, to be ready for the future. 

Rebuilding your retail operation from scratch is a luxury few, if any, conventional retailers can afford. The speed and complexity of their operations mean this would be like attempting to change the wheel on a speeding car, and yet the dynamics of modern retail demand the attempt.
However, using modern cloud-based technology, change is simpler than you think.

About Infor

Infor is a global company that provides enterprise software products for every aspect of your retail business. We build complete industry suites in the cloud and efficiently deploy technology that puts the user experience first, leverages data science, and integrates easily with your existing systems.

Over 68,000 organisations worldwide rely on Infor to help overcome market disruptions and achieve business-wide digital transformation.

Download the report here >>

Find out more at Infor:

ShopperTrak: Footwear retailers and traffic data

In the vast majority of cases, once footwear shoppers are in store, they need assistance to complete a purchase. No matter how closely aligned a customer may be with the ‘brand purpose’, practical issues of fit and availability must come to the fore on the shop floor, to complete a purchase.

This is where traffic data can help store managers optimise their labour scheduling and maximise the footwear sales opportunity.

With traffic analytics, footwear stores can develop staffing and a customer service strategy based on accurate traffic forecasts. This means that when high-opportunity peaks in footfall occur such as the arrival of new seasonal ranges, Back to School and pre-Christmas, or during weekly Power Hours, the store has the most appropriate Shopper-to-Associate Ratio (STAR) on the selling floor.

Stepping up store performance

Fashion multiples, branded sportswear retailers, hypermarkets and online sellers continue to steal market share from traditional shoe specialists. Meanwhile shoe shoppers are ever-more demanding, expecting choice, fit, price and excellent customer service in stores. Converting footwear browsers to buyers is a challenge, and measuring visitor numbers and smart use of store traffic data has never been more important.

ShopperTrak’s free report outlines how traffic data insights can help with:
  • Understanding shopper behaviour
  • Boosting conversions
  • Optimising customer service
  • Store layout
  • Marketing optimisation

Are you ready to push the limits of footwear store performance? Download the ShopperTrak eBook to find out how.


Download a free copy of the report

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