ParcelLab – Operations Experience 2021: How does UK retail measure up?

With online sales continuing to boom with the undeniable shift to ecommerce seen during the pandemic, post-purchase experiences are becoming increasingly important in ensuring retailers not only convert a sale, but close the loyalty loop so that shopper returns, improving loyalty and driving up customer life-time value.

The latest report from the leading operations experience platform, parcelLab, delivers unique and original insight from extensive, in-depth research conducted among the UK’s top 150 retail brands.

Combines over 10,000 data points, it explores and benchmarks how the leading retailers perform across check-out, delivery and returns, and offers best practice and advice for retailers and brands on how they can understand, review and learn to leverage the largest untapped revenue channel.  It explores:

  1. Checkout: What is the standard for a good checkout experience? Do brands offer customers flexibility with payment methods, shipping options, guest checkout or free delivery?
  2. Delivery: How do retailers communicate with their customers during delivery? What messages do they send, and when does contact stop? Are they promoting any sustainability measures?
  3. Returns: Do retailers communicate proactively during returns? We investigated the returns processes of the UK’s top retailers, paying attention to how well they communicated and how quickly remittance was received.

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