Revionics – Pricing Strategies To Create Loyalty & Profitability

Retailers are at war to win market share and protect margins.  But are they properly equipped for the fight?

In response to digital disruption, aggressive competition, and price aware shoppers, Revionics’, an Aptos Company‘s latest report helps retailers to improve their competitive position.

Introducing the concept of demand sensing across the product life

cycle, the report shows how price is now one of the most powerful weapons available to deal quickly with even the most aggressive competitor.

And in a time of massive disruption, how will Artificial Intelligence add to retailers’ armouries?

What you will learn:
  1. How to ensure your products generate the best possible returns in terms of margin and volume
  2. How to make your prices both attractive and profitable by accurately predicting consumer demand
  3. How advanced analytics can change the way category managers operate

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