ShopperTrak: Footwear retailers and traffic data

In the vast majority of cases, once footwear shoppers are in store, they need assistance to complete a purchase. No matter how closely aligned a customer may be with the ‘brand purpose’, practical issues of fit and availability must come to the fore on the shop floor, to complete a purchase.

This is where traffic data can help store managers optimise their labour scheduling and maximise the footwear sales opportunity.

With traffic analytics, footwear stores can develop staffing and a customer service strategy based on accurate traffic forecasts. This means that when high-opportunity peaks in footfall occur such as the arrival of new seasonal ranges, Back to School and pre-Christmas, or during weekly Power Hours, the store has the most appropriate Shopper-to-Associate Ratio (STAR) on the selling floor.

Stepping up store performance

Fashion multiples, branded sportswear retailers, hypermarkets and online sellers continue to steal market share from traditional shoe specialists. Meanwhile shoe shoppers are ever-more demanding, expecting choice, fit, price and excellent customer service in stores. Converting footwear browsers to buyers is a challenge, and measuring visitor numbers and smart use of store traffic data has never been more important.

ShopperTrak’s free report outlines how traffic data insights can help with:
  • Understanding shopper behaviour
  • Boosting conversions
  • Optimising customer service
  • Store layout
  • Marketing optimisation

Are you ready to push the limits of footwear store performance? Download the ShopperTrak eBook to find out how.


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