Tribe x Validify – Tackling the Twin Peaks

Peak trading has always been important for retailers, with many generating 50-60% of their revenues for the entire year in just one single Golden Quarter.

But the pressure to perform in peak 2020 has been magnified by the pandemic, as many try to make up for ground from lost lockdown sales.

Getting Christmas right this year could be make or break in not just the success but the survival of many retail businesses’.

But the 2020 peak trading pressure-cooker comes with opportunity – especially online.

Ecommerce sales boomed during lockdown, and have remained bouyed, even as shops have reopened.

Covid-19 accelerated the shift to digital across all categories and sectors, cementing the buying behaviours of online-natives and bringing new cohorts of shoppers who hadn’t embraced ecommerce before online.

And this makes ecommerce readiness even more critical when it comes to peak.

Tackling the Twin Peaks

In this report, Validify interviewed retailers to find out what contingencies they are putting into place to ready themselves for peak.

It then highlighted some of the best solutions, including Tribe’s load testing capabilities, which are available to retailers and can be deployed rapidly – in less than two weeks – to ensure they are ready to make the most of the peak trading opportunity.

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