Sorted: Coming Together – The blueprint for collaborative commerce

A lot of investment has gone into driving website traffic, creating a seamless online journey to purchase and implementing a secure checkout. But, all too often, this investment is let down by the final part of  the experience: delivery. This market report examines the solutions.

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Amido: Success Beyond Scale

Why do so many ecommerce businesses fail at scale, and why do retail websites fall over in the face of demand that they should have anticipated? This paper produced by technical consultancy Amido explores how forward-thinking businesses are addressing these issues in their search to meet customer expectations and to build lasting advantage.

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Aurora: Is your ecommerce platform holding you back?

To truly capitalise on the ecommerce opportunity in 2017 and beyond, retailers need the right platform for growth. This Aurora guide shows retailers how to unlock online revenue by overcoming key business challenges, and provides strategic advice on finding an agile, scalable ecommerce platform that can power their business into the future.  

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Sanderson: Maximising margins in the connected retail economy

In a multi-channel world, maximising margin has become an increasingly complex challenge. When consumers can shop across any channel and order to any location, profitability can fluctuate greatly. How retailers market, transact and fulfil orders from the growing number of touchpoints available to shoppers forms part of a wider value chain; and each decision they …

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Vodat: Generation Z, the store & the technology ticking clock

Without serious consideration and investment, the lag between how shoppers behave and what retailers can deliver within a bricks-and-mortar environment is only going to get worse, for one simple reason: digital dependency is growing. Over the next 10 years, a new consumer group will come to the fore, which will make or break retailers’ in-store …

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