5 reasons why convenience retailers don’t need to panic as Amazon opens more stores

  1. Amazon will soon discover how hard it is to run an efficient supply chain, one that ensures that shelves are full of the products customers want

  2. Tesco and others are catching up fast on Amazon’s USP – checkoutless. There is no exclusive on its IP and there are range of much cheaper technologies currently in wide use in the likes of Singapore. There are also great innovations from companies that are not yet well known for checkoutless.

  3. Tesco and others have been at convenience a long time, so have a solid base on which to innovate. Most can move just as fast as Amazon

  4. There is room for Amazon. Convenience remains the fastest-growing sector in retail and there is plenty of room for everyone.

  5. Amazon is not a trusted brand name for food in the UK so it will take a while to range and allocate profitably, once everyone gets over the excitement of checkoutless.

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