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Building a retail business for modern markets will depend on understanding what it can’t do now

Planning and execution is difficult because the challenges are many and various, and the priority with which they need to be addressed changes with the market.

This report from Infor explores how the perfect omnichannel retail business might look if it were built from scratch, to be ready for the future. 

Rebuilding your retail operation from scratch is a luxury few, if any, conventional retailers can afford. The speed and complexity of their operations mean this would be like attempting to change the wheel on a speeding car, and yet the dynamics of modern retail demand the attempt.
However, using modern cloud-based technology, change is simpler than you think.

About Infor

Infor is a global company that provides enterprise software products for every aspect of your retail business. We build complete industry suites in the cloud and efficiently deploy technology that puts the user experience first, leverages data science, and integrates easily with your existing systems.

Over 68,000 organisations worldwide rely on Infor to help overcome market disruptions and achieve business-wide digital transformation.

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